Advancing Gender Knowledge Empowering Communities

Advancing Gender Knowledge Empowering CommunitiesAdvancing Gender Knowledge Empowering CommunitiesAdvancing Gender Knowledge Empowering Communities



Join our partners and change-makers from around the world on a Reading Pilgrimage!

The Reverend Domnic Misolo, (Founder and President of IFAGE) partnered with Emily Nielsen Jones, (Founder and President of Imago Dei Fund), to co-author a resource manual called:

“The Girl Child & Her Long Walk to Freedom: Putting Faith to Work through Love to Break Ancient Chains”  

In their different yet overlapping spheres of work and cultural engagement, Emily and 

Domnic have one foot in the Christian world and one foot in the larger world of global 


Together they have insights and strategies for enlisting the timeless current of freedom and justice within our faith traditions to partner with culture in transforming the highly stratified “Old World” gender norms which continue to persist yet which are undermining humankind’s collective Long Walk to Freedom.

The next cohort on this reading pilgrimage will begin in the fall of 2020 with the climax on March 2021 during Women’s International Day.

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